The LED T8 tube light is also called T8 LED fluorescent lamp. LED lighting lamps and lanterns is a product of common lamps and lanterns. It is the shape of the tube, elongated, about an inch in diameter, about 25.4 mm. It is similar to the common fluorescent tube, except that its backing is made of the aluminum alloy to allow heat dissipation. The front is made of PC cover instead of glass. The LED T8 is provided by a low voltage dc power supply, which cannot meet the grid directly, so it needs to take power from a step-down rectifier before connected to the mains.

The LED T8 tube light uses the latest of the fourth generation light source, which helps in energy conservation and environmental protection, which is the direction of lighting in the future. The usage of LED T8 tubes is very vast, as it is commonly used in commercial areas, offices, and even transportation.



The LED T5 tube light is a commonly used LED lighting. The T5 tube diameter is (5/8) x 25.4 = 16 mm

Advantages: acrylic light body, no dark space interface, input port, built-in driver chip, high quality, no dark space docking, high transmission mask, with high quality corner line, etc. Scope of application: home sitting room, bedroom, hotel, office, commercial space, etc.



The LED downlight is a type of lighting lamp or lantern that is embedded into the ceiling. The LED downlight is a directional lighting, and only the opposite area of the light will be lighted. The beam angle belongs to the condenser, the light is relatively concentrated, a comparative and intense light and shade. When shining on objects, the lighting makes them more prominent, therefore the LED downlight is suitable for a quiet atmosphere.

The LED downlight light source is mainly from diodes lighting, and lifespan depends mainly on solid LED light source and cooling ability of the lighting. In 2012, the LED downlight lifespan has reached more than 80000 hours.



LED ceiling lamp uses high thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy and patent technology to design and produce new models of ceiling lamp. LED ceiling lamp has a wide use in the field of commercial lighting, and is slowly penetrating into the home lighting field. The things that end-users are looking for is how to choose a suitable LED ceiling lamp.

The LED ceiling lamp that is widely used in commercial settings comes in a few specifications: 1 (below a LED lamp bead, and so on), 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30, and 36. The power of each lamp bead have either 1 Watt or 3 Watts. Each kind of specification is suitable for different uses, mainly depending on the end-user’s requirements, irradiation distance and the width of the installation place.



The LED square ceiling light is an application of a new type of LED lighting light source that is an improvement of the traditional lamps. The LED square ceiling light has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good color rendering, fast response speed, the design is more beautiful, light source is not exposed, no glare and has the visual effect of soft and uniform.



The LED venture lamp is similar to the LED ceiling, except that it is encased in a rectangular holder.   Uses : Commercial areas, shopping malls, restaurants



The LED Flood Light is controlled through a microchip. At the moment there are existing two products, one type is whereby the power chips are adopted, and another type is using one high-power chip.

For the former the performance is stable, with a single large high-power product structure, suitable for small range of cast light.   The latter can achieve high power, and undertake large cast light over a long distance.   The LED Flood Light lamp can aim at any direction, and is not affected by the climate conditions or structure. It is mainly used for large-scale operations in mining, building outline, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc.

Therefore, the LED flood light is used for almost all outdoor use of large area lighting.   Advantages: cast light colour is gorgeous, good monochromaticity, the light is downy, low power, long life, light up to 50000 hours.



he LED high bay light is widely used in factories, subway station, gas station, warehouse, parking lot and offices. The LED high bay light is safe to use, helps in environmental protection, energy saving, and is the best choice to replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, high pressure neon lamps , metal halide lamp, halogen lamp, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp and etc.

High bay light source can be divided into traditional mining lamp (such as sodium lamp industrial and mining lamp, mercury lamp, mining lamp, etc.) and LED high bay light lamp.

Compared to traditional mining lamp, LED high bay lights have big advantage:

  • LED high bay light lamp shows that it has high RA > 70
  • LED high bay light lamp has high light effect, more energy efficient, the equivalent of 100 w LED high bay light lamp can replace the traditional mining lamp of 250 w.
  • Traditional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature of lamps, as the temperature of lamps can reach 200-300 degrees. And the LED itself is cold light source, lamps are of a lower temperature, which makes them more secure.


The LED track light uses LED as a light source. It is widely used in shopping malls, clothing stores, furniture stores, car display, jewelry showcase, hotels, brand clothing, upscale clubs, and other accent lighting places.

It is the ideal light source to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp and the metal halide lamp. With the continuous development of electronic technology, new styles will continue to emerge into the market.



The LED spotlight uses a LED light source, the constant current drive, optical lens and a metal or other combined with high heat conductivity coefficient of radiator shell and become a new type of lighting lamps and lanterns. When compared with the traditional halogen lamps, the LED spotlights are energy saving, low temperature, long life, rich colors and etc. Especially in the secondary light lens, it mainly adopts the flashlight focusing principle of parabolic surface design, which can be more effective in reducing the light loss. Through computer simulation to adjust the reflectiveness of the lighting, and tests, the LED spotlight can help to reduce the effect of astigmatism and the possibility of glare.

Features: high power LED lamp cup aluminum alloy lamp body, anti-collision, radiates heat well.



The LED light bulb appearance is something people have been accustomed to, the spherical appearance and the internal light source is a LED lamp bead.

The advantages of LED light bulb are:

  • Energy saving, environmental protection.
  • Long life span.
  • No stroboscopic, green. 

The biggest market for the LED light bulb is the civilian market, and the type of lighting people use most is the spherical bulbs, therefore the LED light bulb is a new alternative to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Since 2011, the LED light bulb uses high power LED chip production. In order to prevent glare problem, the shell is usually frosted glass or acrylic.



The LED strip light comes from the welding of LED into the copper wire or strip on the flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply.

  • Soft, could crimp like a wire.
  • Can be cut and delay
  • Bulb and the circuit is completely coated in flexible plastic, insulation, has waterproof properties and safe to use.
  • Strong weather-ability.
  • not easily broken, long service life.
  • Easily made in graphics and text modelling; Has been widely used in buildings, Bridges, roads, garden, garden, floor, ceiling, furniture, automobile, ponds, water, advertising, signs, signs and other decoration and lighting.
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